For the Love of Books


Pictures of my ever growing library. They almost fill one row on our large bookshelf! I’ve always loved books but now I also have a love for collecting craft books and all the knowledge I glean from them.

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Feature – The I.D.E.A. Store

I just discovered the I.D.E.A. store in Champaign, IL and I absolutely love it! It’s a crafters dream, I wonder why someone didn’t think of this a long time ago? It’s a place where people can donate their unwanted craft items. They have items ranging from empty paper towel rolls to maps to tennis balls. On my first visit I found several pieces of fabric I wanted to buy but not quite sure how I will use them, so I limited myself to only buying two pieces.

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Tolono Fun Day

My Sister-In-Law and I in the ChickieBow booth. My items are on the right corner and hanging on the rack.

My first Tolono Fun Day! For those of you who may not know Tolono Fun Day is for the people of Tolono IL to get together. Located in the park they have craft venders, food trucks, live entertainment, a parade, and fireworks at night. I was invited by my sister-in-law creator of ChickieBows to sell at her booth.  

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