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Recently I was invited to TK Salon and Sunless Tanning in Mahomet, IL for a day of pampering. Read on to see how my skin, lashes, and hair all received some much needed love and attention.

The salon couldn’t be any cuter with a cozy waiting area, a coffee bar, and don’t think I didn’t notice that beautifully displayed jar of Oreos.
I started off my day at the salon with a facial from Lydia. After giving her a background on what type of skin I have, and what products I currently use on my face, she proceeded by asking me several follow up question to make sure she understood my skin fully. Since I have very dry sensitive skin, Lydia opted for a moisturizing facial. This being the first facial I’ve ever received I have nothing to compare it to, but it was not only extremely enjoyable, I could tell my face loved it too. The next day I noticed a dewy glow that my skin doesn’t normally have on its own.

During my facial Lydia took a moment to examine my skin under a bright light. She let me know my skin looks good, but I do have some dry spots under my eyes and around my nose. She could tell I wasn’t using any under eye cream, whoops, so she recommended the eye cream above that comes in the ONLY YOURx sensitive skin care line. Since using all the skincare products in this line for almost three weeks now I have to say my skin is loving it! This is not typical for me since my skin is so sensitive. Normally, when I try anything new on my face my skin will start to breakout, and/or become red, dry, and itchy, so I’m very cautious about trying any new skincare products. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any of those symptoms, and I’m finally giving the delicate skin under my eyes the attention it deserves.

Lash Lift & Tint
After my facial Lydia added a bit of glam to my face by curing and tinting my eyelashes. She started off by asking if I’m claustrophobic. I definitely don’t like tight spaces, so I wasn’t exactly sure what all a lash lift and tint would entail. I quickly found out in order to have your lashes curled, your eyes need to stay shut between 5-10 minutes depending on how long your lashes take to curl. Thankfully, it was not a problem at all and the 10 minuets quickly flew by as I chatted with Lydia about her dogs.

There are two types of lash lifts to choose from, natural, or a more dramatic c-curl. I left it up to Lydia’s expertise and she chose to do a more dramatic c-curl on me. I also chose to have my lashes tinted black for the low maintenance of not having to worry about applying mascara every day, but I do still layer mascara over my tinted lashes when I feel like being more dressed up.

Pro Tip: A lash lift can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks and is not affected by wearing mascara, but is affected by chlorine in a pool, so if you do swim a lot your lash lift might not last as long.

Cut & Color (Balayage)
Since I’m trying to grow my hair out it’s been several months since my last haircut, and even longer since my last balayage treatment (16 months). If you’re unfamiliar with the term balayage, it’s a dying technique where the dye is painted directly onto the hair, and the color gradually gets lighter towards the ends, mimicking a natural sun-kissed effect. You can still see traces of the balayage in my hair from last year, but Tia helped bring the color back up towards my roots just in time for summer.

Pro Tip: I love getting balayage above all other hair dying techniques because it looks so natural (most people don’t know I dye my hair), how low maintenance it is (I usually have it re-dyed once a year), and how it just enhances the overall natural color of my hair.

After the dye was washed out of my hair Tia trimmed up my uneven mane while adding in some much needed body. Tia suggested adding in some longer layers that she promised wouldn’t be noticeable (I love a good blunt cut) while giving me that extra body I was craving.

After my cut and color

In order to keep my hair healthy and full Tia suggested several haircare products. I went home with dry shampoo (something I’ve been meaning to try!), texture spray, and a shampoo and conditioner formula that’s perfect for color treated hair. The packaging alone was enough to get me interested, but I really appreciated Tia’s in-depth knowledge on what’s in all of the products she uses/sells in her salon. Plus, the fact that all the products she carries/uses in her salon are cruelty free, something that’s very important to her as well as myself as a dog mom.

Spray Tan
After my face, lashes, and hair were finished, and my day at the salon was coming to an end, Tia asked if I would like to try their all natural spray tan. I of course said yes! I absolutely love having a natural healthy looking glow, but don’t want to damage/age my skin prematurely, so I wear sunscreen daily.
Tia decided to spray me with their lighter tanning solution since my skin was so fair to begin with, and I was nervous about going too dark, but whether I chose the lighter or darker tanning solution the spray tan magically looks natural on all shades of skin. Thankfully, I know this to be true since my friends and family thought I had just been spending more time in the sun. It looks so natural!

Since the tanning solution is all natural, paraben free, and fragrance-free it’s safe to spray all over the face and body, as well as regularly going back for spray tan appointments (since the spray tan lasts one week) to stay looking tan all summer long.

Right after the spray tan you will look a little splotchy, but don’t fear that goes away after your first shower. Just wait 4-6 hours before showering (I waited 6 hours), or you can even sleep in your spray tan overnight and shower the next day for an even darker look! While showering, all the excess color will run down the drain and what’s left is a totally natural looking tan that will last for a week no special care needed.

Pro Tip: The spray tan will transfer onto your clothing and on your sheets if you decide not to shower until the next day, but thankfully the color easily washes out. Just make sure not to sit on anything without a towel incase you transfer some of your tan on a piece of furniture that’s not so easy to throw in the wash.

After showering 6 hours later to remove the excess tanning solution

A big thank you to Tia for inviting me to TK salon and letting me experience several of their amazing products and services. All the products shown above can be purchased in their salon.

Outfit Details: American Eagle Top (similar herehere), Kate Spade Necklace, Etsy NecklaceZaful Shorts c/o, Forever 21 Slides (similar here), Vintage Bag (similar here)

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